Picture this…. on canvas!

I’ve been dying to try out a technique for transferring photos onto canvas using CTMH’s new 6×6 canvases.

Well, the kids and I got to enjoy a snow day here in Virginia, so I dug out my supplies and we gave it a try. It really works!! I used Acrylic gel medium to coat the canvas and then layed a laser photocopy of a photograph facedown in the gel medium.  I used a brayer to smooth it onto the canvas, working all the bubbles out.  It took 3 or 4 hours to dry completely.  Then, spritzing the paper backing with water, I rubbed the paper off the canvas, revealing the transferred picture underneath, pretty cool!  After it dried completely, there was a white haze over the photo from paper fibers still on the canvas. I carefully rubbed paper fibers off a second time and then coated the picture with modge podge. When the modge podge had dried clear, it had coated any remaining paper fibers and the white haze was gone. I finished it up by adding some sparkles and paper flowers:


I love the end result! It was actually really easy to do and only took about 15 minutes of time in two sessions, waiting for the gel to dry between sessions.

I chose this picture of two dear friends so that I would have a thank you gift for them, as they are welcoming us for a visit soon. I hope they like it!  Another fun canvas to try would be one in sepia tones, maybe a little old fashioned or nostalgic looking. I’ll have to try that next…..

In the meantime, thanks for looking!


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