Canvases – Big and Little

CTMH’s new Idea Book is full of innovative new Home Decor items.  Being a die hard scrapbooker and paper crafter, I wasn’t too sure about the new 12 x 12 canvas workshop, canvas journals, printer’s trays, etc but wanting to keep an open mind I did some internet research on how to use these items.  What I found was a very cool technique for transfering a printed image to canvas and I knew I has to try it.

You start with some Acrylic Gesso medium and paint your canvas with it. Then you place an inkjet or laser photocopy of your photograph upside down on it, squishing it thoroughly into the gunk and rubbing all the bubbles out. After it dries, the photocopy paper is “glued” to your canvas, image side down. Spritzing the back of the paper with water to dampen it, you can rub the paper with  your finger and it “rolls” off the canvas, leaving the ink behind, imbedded in the clear gesso covering your canvas. A final coat with modge podge protects the image and “wets” any fine paper fibers still left on the canvas, making them disappear. Lastly, add some bling in the form of sparkle flourishes and paper flowers and your done!

I decided to try out the technique on one of CTMH’s 6 x 6 canvases in the Idea Book.  I took my 4×6 photograph to Staples and for 59 cents they made an color photocopy, enlarged to 150% and reversed so that the image would come out correctly on the canvas. I used a photo of a good friend and her daughter which I took last summer and planned to give to them as a thank you gift when I visit them later this Spring. Much to my surprise, the whole process was quick and easy and came out perfectly on the first attempt:


Next I decided to try CTMH’s 12 x 12 canvas workshop, only using my own chipboard and dimensionals to embellish two photographs of my daughter mounted on the canvas:


I was quite pleased at how that came out as well.

If this looks like something you’d like to try yourself, come to my workshop on Thursday morning, April 18th or Saturday afternoon, April 20th and you can try your hand and making both of these fun canvas projects. They are perfect for showcasing your own family members on the wall, or for giving as a gifts to friends and family.


Canvases Workshop

Thursday, April 18th at 9am, or
Saturday, April 20th at 2pm
$20 for both size canvases and all the accessories and embellishments

RSVP by April 8th
Limited to 6 participants because that’s all the canvases I bought


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