Creative Fumblings….

So I’ve been doing a lot more time self-indulgently creating, than I have updating this blog 🙂   I no particluar order, here are some of the fun things I’ve been working on lately:

Helping my 13 year old daughter’s Civics class create cards to cheer up a home bound classmate…. It’s hard to bring materials for 20 kids to create unique cards in a 47 minute period, but it worked out great. I cut 6″ x 6″ card bases in a variety of colors and then provided stacks of 3″ x 6″ patterned papers, two spring time stamp sets with white cardstock squares and rectangles to stamp them on and colored cardstock squares and rectangles to mat the stamped images and then threw in a bucket full of scrap ribbons and buttons and sparkles of course. Here are two cards they came up with:


At last report the home bound girl was delighted to receive the shower of cards and the kids all had fun “discovering their creative side”, even the initially skeptical and sullen-appearing boys, who by the way used up ALL my sparkles before the girls could even get to them…. just sayin’!

On Good Friday we had a triple sleep over… this happens in a house with 3 girls and 2 boys. The girls all invited friends to spend the night so I set up the craft room for a girl’s night in.  I gave them free access to all my goodies to create Easter cards, on the condition that they each choose a lucky recipient and actually give away their cards on Easter Sunday. Here’s what they came up with:


and I’m pretty sure there were some happy folks receiving suprise Easter cards from these sweet children on Easter Sunday 🙂

Soon thereafter, my friend Cath popped over to make some baby cards for friends who were expecting. I’d been wanting to use my Christmas cards set with the rocking horse and the stocking anyway, so here’s what we came up with:


Trying out my  new Stamp of the Month for April:


I love hot air balloons!

And a few more random cards I’ve been working on:


Finally, some 3-D projects… a tea holder I saw on pinterest and have been dying to try, as well as a cool “origami box”:

photo-85photo-86 photo-87

There are still my quilted cards I made with the friend vising from New Hampshire and my undersea fish cards I made with my new favorite stamp set, but I may include those in a future card workshop, so I’ll stop here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the photo gallery of my recent creative efforts…  Stay tuned for info and pictures on my upcoming Buzz and Bumble cardmaking workshop and Surf’s Up scrapbooking workshops in May!


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