Studio J got an Upgrade!

Studio J is CTMH’s free digital scrapbooking program, full of fantastic designs, papers and colors to digitally scrapbook all your photos faster, simpler and easier. If you haven’t tried it you, now might be a good time to take a look.  Go to Studio J on my CTMH website and play around with it for a while….. It’s free to use!

With CTMH’s latest upgrade, Studio J can be used for custom photo printing as well. Now, you can add photo wells to your page, as many as you want, wherever you want! Why is that a good thing? Well, you know how you put off printing those odd size and larger photos, because they cost more? What if you could print up a sheet of these odd and larger sizes, any time you wanted? Interested? Take a look!

This is the No Boundries layout in Studio J, which is simply a blank canvas to start with….

Adding some paper makes photo placement easier to see, plus you get that cute spotted monkey with the umbrella!

Adding four 5×7 photo wells on the left page and one 8×10 photo, four wallet sized photos (2.5 x 3.5), and even four wells on the right page gives you 12 photos in large and unusual sizes which you can use on traditional scrapbook pages. If you drag and drop a retangular photo into a square photo well, it will be cropped as a square and you can slide it up and down, side to side to place the portion of the photo into the square which you wish printed. Of course you could also cut them by hand to get the same result, but you won’t get to pick the exact magnification and size of your cropped image that way, and…. it will be a lot more expensive!

Here’s a quick price comparison (done by fellow consultant Michelle Johns):

So, even if you’re not into digital scrapbooking, it’s actually cheaper to use Studio J for your photo printing, especially for those odd and oversize photos, than to have them printed elsewhere.

The Studio J Custom Photo Wells video below shows you how to add the photos to a page, change the sizes, and even make your own photo collage to add straight to your scrapbook.

{if you are viewing this in your email, you may need to click through to the site to see the video}

So, go ahead, check out the free Studio J program….. I know you want to!


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