Crush Book Giveaway!

From Jeanette Lynton, CEO of Close To My Heart:



I’ve been told I’m a pack rat, but I know better—I’m a scrapbooker! There are so many precious little pieces of life that I want to hold onto for as long as I can, and all too easily those pieces get lost in the depths of a dresser drawer, between the pages of a thick novel, or (worst of all!) in the recesses of my memory. Life is so much easier to document if I do it as it takes place. I know many of you feel the same way.

With the My Crush™ books, new from Close To My Heart, I have a fantastic way to document those memories as they happen. Light enough to take with me anywhere I go, full of cute designs and with plenty of space for memorabilia and pictures, I know I’ll be keeping mine nearby.

If you feel as I do, and would like to win one of your very own My Crush™ books, tell me about the everyday memorabilia you want to save in a My Crush™ book. Post a comment here on Jeanette Lyntons blog, facebook or here on this YouTube video from now until Oct 31, 2013 to be one of 20 winners!


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