Father’s Day

I invite you all to drop by with your kiddos to make a free Father’s Day card.  I have supplies prepared for two different cards:


Fathers Day 1

“You’re the Best” stamp set with foil embossed background

Spinner card... the pinwheel spins across the sentiment.

Spinner card… the pinwheel spins across the sentiment.


I already have one mom set to come by on Monday afternoon, June 2nd since her kids have half day of school that day, as well as 3 other friend’s kids. If anyone else wants to drop in, there should be a party going that day!


The kids will have fun, the  moms can relax and Dad will be surprised by the thoughtful cards (especially if you tuck a gift card to their favorite hardware or sporting good store!)


If you can’t make it that day, feel free to drop in any time between now and Father’s Day. Call ahead to make sure I’m home and I’d love to greet you!


Where:  1832 Birch Rd, McLean, VA

When:  any afternoon or evening

Call ahead:  571 276-5405 or mariefarson@juno.com


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Helen G.
    May 28, 2014 @ 18:35:25

    Love love love your spinner card!


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