From Our Heart to Yours

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Make It from Your Heart

Creating: it’s what we do! Everywhere we go, we make something: a friend, a mood, a feeling, an impression, or maybe even a mess. What we make is up to us, and our happiness is directly affected. We can decide whom we are by how we act—indeed, what we MAKE with our surroundings. And, in turn, we help shape others along the way. What a gift! So what are you creating in your life . . . and what part of you is calling the shots: your head or your heart?

When your head has all the power, life becomes swamped in rules. Things you do “work,” but what meaning do they have? But enter your heart and—voila!—what a change. Suddenly the things you touch turn to gold. Instead of fulfilling an assignment, you’ve fulfilled a deep need within yourself and within someone else. Within your heart you can find…

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