Stampaganza is HERE!


There are so many stamp sets to choose from!

Let Stampaganza 2017 begin! Buy any two My Acrylix® stamp sets at full retail price and get a third stamp set of equal or lesser value FREE! Choose from any current stamp set, plus a collection of popular sets that we have brought back just for Stampaganza!

When you add three sets to your order, we will automatically make the least expensive set FREE in your shopping cart. Check your cart at any time to see how many free sets you have!

Want to skip over the details and view the stamps?  CLICK HERE!

The WORD PUZZLE above is from 2008 and these are GREAT!  I still have my stamp sets because they offer variety, versatility and are an excellent value! Perfect for each month, capturing the icons and holidays on ONE stamp set! Each one is $17.95 but you could earn a set for FREE or buy the bundle at a discount!

  • Yes, you can purchase the Word Puzzles per month separately @ $17.95 each and when you buy 3, one is FREE!
  • You could buy the BUNDLE of WORD PUZZLES HERE for $143.60 and save over $70!
  • You could host a club or party in July that reaches a minimum of $450 in sales, you’ll receive a set of 12 classic D-size stamp sets FREE — that’s a $215.40 value!
  • You might prefer to sign up as a New Consultant for $75 in July. Then submit $300 in commissionable sales before August 31, 2017 and you’ll earn a set of 12 classic D-size stamp sets FREE — that’s a $215.40 value!

Back in 2008, I had created a Calendar Club.  Here’s a few ideas on how I had used these to create toppers to our 12 x 12 calendar as well as the perpetual (we don’t sell this one anymore).  Just remember I had to dig to find these photos and it’s an idea … but can be used for random stamping, cards, details on scrapbook pages and so much more.  I love these and will never part with these sets.

Look at the 4th of July one.  I love stamping images individually in a variety of colors vertically and/or hozisontally.  The one for February was in one color (chocolate) stamped randomly on patterned paper.  You could also arrange your stamps on a large block and stamp them again and again to create your own background paper.  So much fun!

Below is a photo of the variety of stamp categories for you to look at HERE on my WEBSITE.

For those that like all the details, below are links to the PDF flyers:


My favorite time of year!!!


The beginning of glorious summertime as well as the release of the new CTMH annual catalog with new items and surprises!  I will be giving sneak peeks of the goodies here, so stay tuned this month.

In the meantime, I have a compiled list of retiring items in the current catalog – make sure you grab the ones you really like before they go away forever!


Check out the stamp sets at the end of the retiring list below. They are all buy two get one FREE this month.

This deal applies to ALL stamp sets and is especially great for scooping up these retiring sets before they go away forever…..



Live Beautifully Stamp Set     Workshop Your Way Partytime Cardmaking Kit
CC1212C $17.95                            G1111 $19.95

NEW!CC1212BCC1212ALive Beautifully Paper PacketCut Above® Layout Kit— Live Beautifully

CC1212A $44.95                       CC1212B $14.95



My Crush® Adventure Calls
Z9978 $7.95


Cut Above® Layout Kit

—Little One                         -Forever & Always
Z3320 $14.95                       Z3319 $14.95


Sugar Rush Washi Pack
Z3311 $5.95


Snapshot Complements  My Girl Complements Springtime Complements
Z3309 $6.95                           Z3308 $6.95                    Z3307 $6.95


Thin Cuts—Happy Birthday
Z3304 $9.95



Some Kinda Wonderful Thin Cuts Bundle
Z3302 $23.95

Sugar Rush Cardmaking Thin Cuts Bundle
Z3300 $23.95


Memo Fundamentals
Z3294 $4.95


Rustic Home    Uptown Ribbons   Enchantment Ribbon Whimsey   Adventure Ribbon
Z3292 $9.95                Z3289 $9.95             Z3288 $10.95          Z3287 $10.95   Z3286 $10.95



#Life™ Cards—Enjoy      #Life Overlays – Black
Z3291 $5.95                         Z3284 $4.95


Instalife™ Album—Blue Jean or Blush
Z3282 or Z3270    $8.95

All Base & Bling Sheets:  $3.95



#Life™ Cards—Hello Gorgeous
Z3275 $5.95


Baby Boy or Baby Girl Complements
Z3273 or Z3272 $11.95


All Together Complements



School 7–12 Complements and School K–6 Complements
Z3266 and Z3265 $11.95


Good Life Complements
Z3264 $11.95


Uptown Fundamentals     Rustic Home Fundamentals
Z3263 $14.95                         Z3262 $13.95

Various Thin Cuts:


Thin Cuts—Stars      Thin Cuts—Happy     Thin Cuts– Love    Thin Cuts-Celebrate
Z3261 $14.95                       Z3258 $13.95             Z3257   $10.95    Z3256  $13.95




Enchantment Fundamentals All about the Gold Fundamentals
Z3254 $19.95                                Z3246 $10.95




Word Search           Happy Thoughts     Wood Slats Folder    Simple Chevron Folder
Z3250 $8.95                    Z3249 $8.95           Z3248 $8.95                   Z3247 $8.95


Rose Gold Foil Tape



Base & Bling Necklace Cards



Picture My Life™ Overlays—White



Cricut® Artfully Sent Collection



Base & Bling Rhinestones—Faux Gold & Silver
Z3162 $2.95                              Z3161 $2.95



Base & Bling Chain—Faux Silver or Gold
Z3160  $5.95                             Z3159  $5.95


Base & Bling Oval Pendant—Faux Gold or Silver
Z3158 $5.95                     Z3157 $5.95


Base & Bling Rectangle Pendant—Faux Gold or Silver
Z3156$5.95                        Z3155 $5.95


Base & Bling Circle Pendant—Faux Gold or Silver
Z3154 $5.95                             Z3153 $5.595


Base & Bling Square Pendant—Faux Gold or Silver
Z3152 $5.95                              Z3151 $5.95


Picture My Life™ Overlays—Gold & Silver



Base & Bling Teal Bead Charm—Faux Silver or Gold
Z3143 $2.95                    Z3142 $2.95


Base & Bling Black Bead Charm—Faux Silver or Gold
Z3141 $2.95                    Z3140 $2.95


Base & Bling Ribbon or Bow Charm—Faux Silver
Z3134  $2.95                          Z3133 $2.95


Thumb Notch Punch



Silver Foil Tape    Gold Foil Tape
Z3130 $4.95              Z3129  $4.95


Enamel&Glitter Duos  Hearts or Triangles or Dots
Z3124 $4.95                              Z3123 $4.95                  Z3122 $4.95


Accessory Roll-Up  or  Marker Roll Up
Z3121$18.95                    Z3120 $17.95


Confetti Stars or Confetti Embossing Folder
Z3119  $8.95                              Z3118   $8.95


Base & Bling Heart Charm—Faux Silver or Gold
Z3110 $2.95                         Z3109 $2.95


Base & Bling Ribbon or Bow Charm—Faux Gold
Z3108 $2.95                       Z3107 $2.95


Square Diffuser               Circle Diffuser
Z3097 $6.95                           Z3096 $6.95

Circle Diffuser


Poppy Thick Twine        Fern Thick Twine
Z3094 $3.95                       Z3093 $3.95


Pink Enamel Gems          Coral Shimmer Trim     Aqua Shimmer Trim
Z3091 $3.95                           Z3088  $4.95                      Z3086 $4.95


Shoulder Tote



3L® E-Z Dots® Adhesive Refill 3L® E-Z Dots® Adhesive
Z3023  $4.50                                       Z3022  $7.95


Sea Glass Exclusive Inks™ Re-inker  Sea Glass Exclusive Inks™ Mini Pigment Pad
Z2713$5.95BACK ORDER                            Z2507 $2.95


Base & Bling Rectangle  or Oval Glass Covers
Z2030                                   Z2011  $2.95


Sequins Silver  or Gold Assortment
Z2013$2.95                 Z2012  $2.95


Foam Mat                      Stitch Guide                       Ruler
Z1859 $4.95                    Z1852 $13.95                        Z1471 $11.95


Sanding Kit



Dreamin’ Big Complements   Some Kinda Wonderful Complements
X7218C  $6.95                               X7217  $6.95


Some Kinda Wonderful  or Sugar Rush Paper Packet
X7217B $9.95                            X7215 $9.95   OUT OF STOCK


Hello Lovely Complements  Sugar Rush Complements
X7216C  $6.95                              X7215 $6.95


12″ × 12″ Sea Glass Cardstock
X5789  $14.50   BACK ORDER

STATES STAMPS – $2.95 each


Minnesota               Yukon                             Wyoming                        Wisconsin
M1133                         M1121                             M1120                              M1119


West Virginia              Washington                Virginia                Vermont
M1118                               M1117                          M1116                    M1115


Utah                                Texas                         Tennessee                      South Dakota
M1114                              M1113                        M1112                              M1111


South Carolina         Saskatchewan          Rhode Island                Quebec
M1110                            M1109                        M1108                               M1107


Prince Edward Island    Pennsylvania            Oregon                  Ontario
M1106                                   M1105                         M1104                   M1103


Oklahoma                  Ohio                         Nunavut                      Nova Scotia
M1102                            M1101                      M1100                         M1099


Northwest Territories  North Dakota  North Carolina Newfoundland and Labrador
M1098                                  M1097                 M1096                  M1095


New Zealand            New York                   New Mexico                    New Jersey
M1094                         M1093                         M1092                                M1091


New Hampshire             New Brunswick                Nevada            Nebraska
M1090                                 M1089                                 M1088              M1087


Montana                     Missouri                    Mississippi                Michigan
M1086                           M1085                          M1084                         M1083


Massachusetts          Maryland              Manitoba                      Maine
M1082                             M1081                   M1080                              M1079


Louisiana                       Kentucky                       Kansas                     Iowa
M1078                               M1077                             M1076                      M1075



Indiana                           Illinois                           Idaho                        Hawaii
M1074                               M1073                             M1072                        M1071


Georgia                 Florida                                 Delaware           Connecticut
M1070                     M1069                                  M1068                  M1067


Colorado                     California              British Columbia         Australia
M1066                           M1065                     M1064                               M1063


Arkansas                  Arizona                           Alberta                         Alaska   Alabama
M1061                         M1060                              M1059                           M1058    M1057


True Love                   Let’s Go                                  Capture This (Spanish)     and (French)
D1711 $17.95               D1707 $17.95                       D1702S $17.95                       D1702F $17.95


Capture This                 Plan On It                 Way to Go                   Charming Cascades
D1702   $17.95                 D1701 $17.95           D1700  $17.95           D1668 $17.95


Balloon Wishes             Ink Blot                  Finding the Words (Spanish) or (French)
D1667 $17.95                   D1660 $17.95          D1646S $17.95               D1646F $17.95


Finding the Words            Baby Bundle         Homegrown                    Swirly Seashells
D1646 $17.95                        C1668 $13.95            C1666 $13.95               C1664 $13.95


Wise Guy Birthday (Spanish)   (French)   (English)                   Happy for You (Spanish)
C1662S $13.95            C1662F                        C1662                            C1660S


Happy for You (French)  Happy for You      Birthday Princess    So Many Smiles
C1660F $13.95                 C1660                              C1631 $13.95             C1619 $13.95


Shower Flowers        Brushstrokes            Happy to Be Friends (Spanish)   (French)
C1612 $13.95              C1608 $13.95               C1605S $13.95                     C1605F $13.95


Happy to Be Friends  Wedding Wishes        Get Better             Love Your Face
C1605 $13.95                  B1547 $9.95                   B1543 $9.95          B1541 $995


Hooked on You      Circus Birthday           Racecar Birthday       Diploma Day
B1535 $9.95              B1533 $9.95                  B1531 $9.95                   B1480 $9.95


Leafy Congrats           One in a Million       Beautiful Moments      In Bloom (Spanish)
A1203$6.95                 A1201 $6.95                 A1200 $6.95                     A1199S $6.95


In Bloom (French)     (Spanish)                     Hi Friend (French)     Hi Friend
A1199F $6.95                   A1198S $6.95            A1198F $6.95                  A1198 $6.95


Lovely Leaves              Wreath                   Friendly Wishes           Safari Ballet
A1195 $6.95                     A1193 $6.95           A1185 $6.95                  A1180 $6.95


Wishes™ (softcover)



Magic™ (softcover)                                                Imagine (softcover)  Cherish (softcover)
9040 $14.95                                                                    9039 $14.95                9038 $14.95


Reflections™ (soft cover)   Originals Card Confidence Program (soft Cover)
9037 $14.95                              9036 $14.95


Blending Pen


….and here is the list of staples that have not seen price increases in a decade, but are going up in price on August 1st:

product description                item #  old $  new $
Memory Protectors Design 1    Z1324  $9.95  $10.95
Memory Protectors Design 2    4113    $9.95  $10.95
Memory Protectors Design 3    Z1950  $9.95  $10.95
Memory Protectors Design 4    Z1951  $9.95  $10.95
Memory Protectors Design 5    Z1952  $9.95  $10.95
Variety Pack                                 Z3026  $9.95  $10.95
Top Load                                         4110  $9.95  $11.95
Top Load Value Pack                  Z1984 $19.95  $23.95
Side Load                                      Z1968  $9.95  $10.95
Side Load Value Pack                Z1977 $19.95  $23.95
Strap Side Load                          Z1969 $19.95  $23.95
Re-inkers                                      various $5.95  $6.95
White Daisy Re-inkers                 Z2268  $6.50  $7.95
Glitter Paper                                various $5.95  $6.95
Watercolor Paper                         Z3146  $6.95  $7.95
Black & Gold Ribbon                    Z3197  $5.95  $6.95
White & Gold Ribbon                   Z3198  $5.95  $6.95
Black Shimmer Ribbon                Z4012  $4.95  $5.95
Blush Shimmer Ribbon                Z3313  $4.95  $5.95
Watercolor Paints                       Z3132 $11.95  $12.95
Sponge Daubers                              Z726  $4.50  $5.95
Sponge Daubers Value Pack      Z1938 $16.95  $18.95
My Acryliz Spritz Cleaner           Z1778  $4.95  $5.95
My Acryliz Cleaner Refill           1779  $11.50  $13.95
Tweezers          Z1382  $5.95  $6.95
Bone Folder         Z1204  $4.95  $6.95
Rub & Remove Eraser      Z1207  $2.95  $4.95
VersaMat          Z1297 $14.50  $15.95
Non-stick Micro-tip Scissors   Z1836 $13.95  $15.95
Micro-tip Scissors      Z534  $9.95  $11.95
Corner Rounder        Z1912  $7.95  $9.95
Liquid Glass        Z679  $6.95  $7.95
WW Small Tray        Z5102  $6.95  $7.95
WW Stamp Pad Stack      Z5104  $9.95  $10.95
WW Marker Stack       Z5103  $9.95  $10.95
WW Tool Cubby        Z5105  $9.95  $10.95
WW Large Tray        Z5101 $12.95  $14.95
WW Paper Tray        Z5100 $18.95  $19.95
12″ x 12″ Paper & Stamp Envelope  Z334  $7.95  $10.95
Small Organizer       Z4138 $14.95  $17.95
Medium Organizer       Z4139 $19.95  $24.95
Large Organizer       Z1834 $24.95  $29.95
Tabbed Dividers       Z1839  $4.95  $5.95
Craft Boxes         Z4137  $6.95  $7.95
Daubers Foam Insert      Z1897 $14.95  $15.95
Pigment Inks Foam Insert    Z1898 $14.95  $15.95
Craft Boxes Foam Insert     Z4140  $8.95  $9.95
My Acrylix Blocks Foam Insert   Z4141  $8.95  $9.95
My Acrylix Mini Stamp Organizer  Z3106 $12.95  $14.95
My Acrylix Organizer      Z1038 $14.95  $15.95


I for one will be stocking up on Page Protectors, glitter paper and ribbon before the price goes up. Now is the time to get those Workshop Wonder items and Organizers you’ve been meaning to get eventually as well!

Prickly Pear and Jack

It may be a bit past Cinco de Mayo, but I am celebrating FIESTA style using the new Prickly Pear papers from CTMH.  I’ve created six…. 6!… layouts from these papers, along with the stamp and thin cuts set featuring an adorable llama.  I used the “My Girl” complements instead of the Prickly Pear Complements to de-emphasize the whole cactus theme.  Luckily the “My Girl” complements use most of the same colors that are in the Prickly Pear papers so they work well together.   A sprinkling of Prickly Pear sequins adds a bit of sparkle to the bright, beautiful colors in this paper set:




I’ve also been working on outdoors adventure pages using the 4rth and final new paper packet: Jack.

Jack LO4

and these two awesome layouts that I’ve CASED from one of my favorite page designers, Brenda Rose:

Jack 3 LayoutJack Layout 2

These layouts are perfect for my Memorial Day family camp photos!! I love being caught up on scrapbooking my family’s adventures 🙂  We have another adventure awaiting us as we complete the move to Illinois this summer.  In the meantime, I’ve returned to Virginia and I am cherishing every last moment in Virginia.

I’ve really missed my Virginia scrapbooking friends and I can’t wait to get together with them soon….!

If you are free and in the area, come join me either Thursday evening June 22nd at 4pm  for some girl time and crafting….    If you like these pages, I can prepare all materials for you to create these Prickly Pear Scrapbook or Jack pages, or you can simply drop in to say hi and socialize.  Let me know so I can have any materials ready for you.

I’ll have all of the paper, card stock, accessories and embellishments cut and ready for you so you can relax and enjoy creating… or simply socializing….


♥   Come join us!

When: Thursday, June 22nd at 4pm
Where: 1832 Birch Rd, McLean VA 22101
Cost: $30 for all the materials to create these layouts
Bring your own adhesive

You can purchase these kit to work on at home.  Everything will be pre-cut, necessary pieces will be stamped, and all accessories included.

When you order my Scrapbooking Kits by mail, you will receive the following:

  • Cutting Guide PDF for all pieces of Cardstock and paper used
  • 3-Page or 4-page Instructional Guide with Color Photos and step by step instructions for completing the layouts.
  • Additional Supplies List + Cutting Guide Tips
  • Original jpg’s of each layout for easier reference

The prices are as follows:

  • $30.00 – you need to pick them up
  • $35.00 – mailed to you first class


Summer Dreams…

School is out for me in St Louis and our family is reunited in Virginia!!   I am loving the chance to get caught up on scrapbooking finally, creating sets of layouts for each of the paper packs in the newest Expressions 2 flyer:  No Worries, Dreamin’, Prickly Pear and Jack.  I’ve got the first two done: shown below and kits for either are available (including all pieces pre-cut, all cardstock, and all accessories plus instructions and pictures for assembling your own pages):







Pink and orange for a little girl…


Blue and Teal for a little boy…


Using Flip Flap for additional photos in the middle

I wasn’t too keen on the idea of rainbows and unicorns at first, but I actually really liked  the way they turned out. Using colored cardstock for the base pages makes them pop!


The No Worries pages are more subtle gray, white and off white with blue accents and are terrific for summer beach or cruising pages:


Love, love, love these pages!!  I bought the thin cuts and stamp set for the beach umbrella and beach chair, etc.  They fit so well on these pages and I can’t wait to fill them with our summer photos.  My daughter and I are spending a week in Savannah, Georgia this month and these pages will be perfect!

I would love to get together with my No VA scrap friends once more this summer and say “good-bye”.  Email me your availability and let’s get together!

I’ll prepare these kits for working on together or to go ($30 each). Email me if you’re interested:

Summer Blessings to you all!


Vacation Scrapbook Album Inspiration — Make It from Your Heart

Whether you’ve already gone on your summer vacay or you’re still counting down the days, we want to share with you some inspiration for creating a cohesive vacation scrapbook album with our No Worries paper collection. All of the layouts below use patterns from our Cherish™ how-to book, which is super handy because the book […]

via Vacation Scrapbook Album Inspiration — Make It from Your Heart

Finishing up Season Expressions 1 Layouts

Whew… I made it through my first year of college teaching!  This year has left me with little time for scrapbooking but I was committed to finishing pages using each of the paperbacks in the Seasonal Expressions 1 before I ordered some of the gorgeous new papers in Seasonal Expressions 2.

The paperbacks I had left from Seasonal Expressions 1 were ones that I didn’t think would be my favorites, but once again, I discovered that really wonderful layouts can be made from even the least favorite of these versatile papers. In the end I love the pages!

So, without further ado, here are the layouts from Some Kind of Wonderful:










The last paper pack I had yet to use up was Dreaming’ Big and I actually really liked these buggy papers, but wasn’t sure how to make layouts from them.  They worked great for my outdoorsy family hiking pics though:





See?!!?  No bugs at all on that page 😉

Stay tuned for fun layout from the Seasonal Expression 2…  From the Little Dreamers paper for pics of the little ones, No Worries paper for those beach and seaside vacations to Prickly Pear for fun, fiesta days to the Jack paper for those little lumberjacks in the family.  Can’t wait to dig in and create. I promise to post layouts and prepare kits for those who want to play with these papers along with me!


Happy start of Summer everyone!!!!!! 🙂

Hello Lovely!

I am loving being back in Virginia for Spring Break with my family!!   One of the highlights of Spring in Washington DC is the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, which may be somewhat muted this year due to the late Winter deep freeze this past week.

The floral pages of the Hello Lovely layouts below will restore your faith in the coming Spring however:



Love is in the air!


with room for over 30 pictures, the pages are a powerhouse of family love, designed for Spring and Easter!

It may not feel like Spring yet, but I can’t wait to get together with friends here….!

So, come join me either Thursday evening March 23rd at 7pm or next Saturday, March 25th at 9 am for some girl time and crafting….    I can prepare all materials for you to create these Hello Lovely Scrapbook pages, or you can simply drop in to say hi and socialize.  Let me know so I can have any materials ready for you.

I’ll have all of the paper, card stock, accessories and embellishments cut and ready for you so you can relax and enjoy creating… or simply socializing….



♥   Come join us!

When: Thursday, March 23rd at 7pm or Saturday, March 25th at 9am
Where: 1832 Birch Rd, McLean VA 22101
Cost: $25 for all the materials to create these layouts
Bring your own adhesive

You can purchase this kit to work on at home.  Everything will be pre-cut, necessary pieces will be stamped, and all accessories included.  I will provide you with a photocopy of the cards so that you can create them at home.  The prices are as follows:

  • $25.00 – you need to pick them up
  • $30.00 – mailed to you first class

Thin Cuts cards

Close To My Heart has a special on Thin Cuts this month and I am loving the matching stamp sets and thin cuts…. no more need for fussy cutting out highly detailed images.  I’ve put together a set of cards using February and March Stamps of the month as well as the Hello Lovely thin cuts and stamp set:




I have had precious little time for creating this winter as I’ve been in the middle of a move across country and a new job – but I finally got this set of 10 cards (2 each of the cards shown above) done and posted.

Furthermore, I am back in Virginia for the kids Spring Break and can’t wait to get together with friends here!

So, come join me either Thursday evening March 23rd at 7pm or next Saturday, March 25th at 9 am for some girl time and crafting….    If you are interested in crafting I can have materials for you to complete these cards, or Hello Lovely Scrapbook pages, or you can simply drop in to say hi and socialize.  Let me know so I can have any materials ready for you.

I’ll have all of the cricut cuts and thin cuts and pop ups prepared for you so you can  decorate your cards with your choice of sentiment, sequins, bling gems and embossing, etc. I have a choice of sentiments to personalize the cards for any occasion you like.

I’d love to see you on Thursday eve or  Saturday morning for some tea and coffee, cake and cookies and fun while we create these beautiful hand-crafted cards to send out to your friends and family.


♥   Come join us!

When: Thursday, March 23rd at 7pm or Saturday, March 25th at 9am
Where: 1832 Birch Rd, McLean VA 22101
Cost: $20 for 10 cards with envelopes
Bring your own adhesive

You can purchase this kit to work on at home.  Everything will be pre-cut, necessary pieces will be stamped, and all accessories included.  I will provide you with a photocopy of the cards so that you can create them at home.  The prices are as follows:

  • $23.00 – you need to pick them up
  • $25.00 – mailed to you first class

Home for the Holidays…


Wishing you all a wonderful, peaceful Holiday Season!

This year was one of great change for my family.  I took a new job teaching at Principia College, moving myself and half our children out to the St Louis area, while my DH stayed behind in Virginia with the other half of our children.  As soon as the High Schooler is finished in June, we will all be together again, in our new home in Godfrey, IL.  In the meantime, I’ve remodeled the new kitchen, repainted most walls in the new house and tried to get up to speed on my new job.  All of which has left precious little time for my passion: paper crafting!    Now that I am “home” in Virginia for a month over the holidays I’ve been catching up on lots and lots of scrapbooking.

Here are the results of my efforts:

Four Layouts with the Swan Lake papers….



Four Layouts with Jeepers Creepers (I tried not to make them too Halloween-ish):




Four Layouts with City Sidewalk (great for Christmas pictures!)



and my favorite of the bunch, Oh Deer Layouts:



Pine Trees and pinecones will be added to this layout on left edge as soon as I get my circuit going!!



gold and silver embossing



gold embossing on kraft paper



torn, embossed edges to the birch paper really make it look like bark



I will hold a scrapbooking/card making session at home in Virginia in January, so if you are interested in completing any of these projects, please let me know before Dec 31st so I can order the materials for you – they all expire on Dec 31st to make way for the new paperbacks that come out in January.  I can also make up kits-to-go if you would like any of these projects to complete at home.

My New Year’s resolution to get a paper crafting group up and running in my new “home” so follow this space for more fun projects in the New Year!

If you’d like to join me in making any of these sets of pages after Christmas and during January, please let me know: so I can order the materials before they expire on December 31st.  I am available on Dec 30, 31 and January 7,8 and 14, 15.


The cost of materials for Jeepers Creepers or City Sidewalks pages is $25

The cost of materials for Swan Lake or Oh Deer pages is $30 .


All cardstock, embellishments, circuit cuts, sparkly bits etc are included and the papers pre-cut of your layouts.


Have a relaxing and wonderful Holiday Season!!






Rustic Home

The kit can also be ordered to go so that you may assemble the pages at home if you are unable to join a workshop. Contact me to arrange pick up or the postage amount. RSVP by November 12th so that I may order materials for you….
RSVP: 571-276-5405   or


If you want to complete lots of beautiful layouts and keep up with your family scrapbooking, consider joining my scrapbooking club. We will complete 8 to 10 layouts (or even 12!) each month for the 10 months.  Cost is $25 to $35 for each month’s set of layouts. If you join us at least 8 of the 10 months,  you will earn a free set of page protectors to put your layouts in and the option of purchasing any album at half price.

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